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From ancient times, the Emperor and the nobility ruled Japan, but the time of samurai arrived after battles of Genji (the Minamoto family) and Heishi (the Taira family) in the end of Heian era. After that, samurai-centered Japanese society had been developed its own history about 700 years (from Kamakura to Edo era). In that 700 years of samurai age, Japan had been faced crisis such as, the Mongolian invasions of Japan, Spanish Armada, the arrival of the Black Ships (Perry’s fleet) and the Age of Discovery led by Portugal which meant Europeans notably the Portuguese and the Spanish became a threat for East Asian Countries. We introduce those brave samurai warriors and their spirit confronted the difficulties to not only Japanese people but also all people visiting from foreign countries.


  • «1F»  Information Desk・Samurai Gallery(Exhibition of an Armour)・Gift Shop
  • «2F» Katana(Japanese Sword)・Samurai Gallery・Exhibitions Displayed in Chronological Order・Samurai Costume Photo Studio


  • «grown up» 1,800yen
  • «12 years old» 800yen
  • «3 years or less» Free

We will change the admission fee in the following way from Mar.10,2016.

«Adults» \1800,«Children under 12» \800、«Children under 3»  Free(accompanied by an adult)


Firstfloor Entrance Souvenir First floor exhibition


Secondfloor Kamakura Period matchlock Experience